My Harry Potter Tattoo

May 2018

So, if you haven’t gone to my about me section yet, you’re missing out! But also there’s a photo of my Harry Potter themed tattoo! Below I’ve attached some more images. If you click on any of them they’ll get larger so you can see them in better detail. I’m practically covered in tattoos but left a large section of my arm for this piece because I wanted it to showcase some of the items, people, places, etc. that made the stories special to me. I got this tattoo idea from somewhere I can’t remember but made changes that fit my personal style and what I wanted it to represent. Click a photo and check them out!


The bottom near my wrist is really where this tattoo begins. The open book is a representation of the story coming off of the pages for me. And I added the words “Until the very end,” to express how important I feel the bond of sticking together in the stories was for everyone.

The colors that are emerging from the book represent the four houses: red for Gryffindor, yellow for Hufflepuff, blue for Ravenclaw, and green for Slytherin.

The first object you see in the tattoo are Luna’s Spectraspecs. Above you’ll see the Nimbus 2000 and a golden snitch. To the left slightly under the castle you have Harry’s glasses and his scar. A little further to the left I have the Deathly Hallows inked in with the Elder Wand as the centerpiece if you look closely. In the last image you’re able to see that the tattoo wraps around my arm a bit, even going through some of my previous tattoo work. But here you can slightly see Hedwig, a Hogwarts letter, a stag Patronus with a banner beneath is stating “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” and footprints from the Marauders Map wrap around my arm. You can’t see it in these images but I also have 9 and 3/4 near the castle ledge. The last detail to highlight are the three stars that sit right above Hogwarts castle. If you aren’t familiar with these, it’s okay! I know some people have never picked up the books and are huge fans of the films. But these three stars sit on every page corner of the Harry Potter books.

These photos were taken only 4 hours after getting the tattoo so it might look real fresh in color and crispness, but the tattoo for me hasn’t lost any of it’s brilliance over a year later. You’ll see more of the piece in other photos I post in the future, but I hope you enjoyed reading about it!

If you have any Harry Potter related tattoos let me know what they are in the comments section! I’d love to hear what sort of artwork other Potterheads have! Hope you’re all having an awesome day!

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