Must visit Harry Potter theme parks and tours.

June 2018

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I’d like to take a moment to write about some must visit Harry Potter theme parks and tours. It still shocks me when I speak to people who say that they’ve never visited ANY type of theme parks. And even more when I speak to someone who is a Potterhead but has never visited a HP event of any kind! There are certainly some experiences that I believe are a must at least once that fill you with the magic of the Wizarding World. I made a short list of these places and events below. Something to keep in mind is if you’re looking for something Harry Potter related going on near you, a simple Google search works wonders.

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Jaw-dropping. (📸: @magiccitymayhem)

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Orlando, FL.

So this one most people already know about, but for those who aren’t familiar, these HP attractions I’m about to mention lie within Universal Orlando’s two Orlando theme parks. Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are a 2 minute walk from each other, but both have different elements of Harry Potter. If you’ve ever wanted to know what escaping Gringott’s Bank while being chased down by Voldemort feels like, this is where you can have that experience. Want to ride Hogwarts Express? Well they have something for you too. From purchasing a wand to tasting a Butterbeer or Chocolate Frog, this place immerses you into the Wizarding World like no other place. There are interactive locations where you can test your wand skills, talk to the Knight Bus conductor, or even see a Ukranian Ironbelly Dragon breathe fire! I want to literally go into every detail this place has but it would be a never-ending post, so if you’re interested in finding out more info click this link and explore!

The Wizarding World in Hollywood, California is similar to the parks in Orlando, but there are differences that set it apart. If you’re in Southern California take a trip to this magical place inside Universal Studios Hollywood.

The WB Studio Tour in London doesn’t have thrill rides like the two previous locations mentioned, but this tour I believe takes you deeper into the story. This tour will show you real props from the films and show you some of the actual filming locations. If you’ve ever wanted to walk into the Great Hall or see 4 Privet Drive in person here’s your chance. What about taking a stroll through the Forbidden Forest, dropping your name into the Goblet of Fire, or entering Dumbledore’s office? This place has you covered! They do offer Butterbeer and other Wizarding World food that the theme parks offer. An amazing experience that you have to do at least once! Important tip: these tickets must be purchased in advance.

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Such a surreal moment ⚡️

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Ever wanted to really ride the train from the HP films? Well it exists! The Jacobite is the real life train that was used to film all those amazing scenes, like when Ron and Harry were flying the Ford Anglia to escape the train over the bridge. This train runs through Scotland so another location in Europe, but a must if you ever have an opportunity. Tickets for this one go fast so don’t miss out!

I hope you enjoyed this post! There are a few other places that I believe should be mentioned but I’ll save those for another post! If you have any questions on events or places to visit, or need information about them, please ask away and I’ll let you know everything I can to make your travels easier!

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