Harry Potter Wedding?

June 2018

So my fiance and I will be getting married this coming January, and the excitement building up to the big day is killing us! We’ve planned everything out, reserved our cake, food, venue, music, etc. but we are still figuring the way we want the layout and decor to look in the venue. I did joke about having some Harry Potter themed items in our wedding but that was a no go. Lol. But, that didn’t stop me from still looking some things up on Google and Pinterest out of curiosity. Below are some of the highlights I believe I came across, from the wedding cake design, to the ring design some people have used for their big day. Enjoy!

The Wedding Invites

Above are a few of the creative ways some couples sent out their invites. A Marauder’s Map as a wedding invite? So awesome!

The Wedding Favors

Above are some of my favorite wedding favor ideas. The handmade wands at every table setting is such a nice idea. The Floo Powder can be anything you can put in a jar basically. Ground Coffee, cocoa powder, etc. And just in general any Harry Potter themed candy is a great idea for your guests. Maybe even a chocolate frog!

The Decorations

A Wizarding World wedding wouldn’t be complete without the right decor. Ideas I’ve come across that just make the wedding are floating candles, house colors for the guests tables, and quotes that every Potterhead would know.


You can’t have a wedding without food, and Harry Potter themed treats are a plenty. Above are photos of some of the best treats I would love at my wedding. Pumpkin Juice, treacle tart, and of course Butterbeer! You can also Google some awesome themed cocktails that will surely add a kick to the adult wizard.

The Wedding Ring!

You can always incorporate the Harry Potter theme with the ring box if you are’t into designing your ring in the style. But I have to admit I’ve come across some pretty prefect rings that are jaw-dropping.


I’ve come across some pretty unique cakes watching Cake Boss, but these cakes are just beautiful! If you’re traditional or like color, Harry Potter can definitely be incorporated into your sweets! It could be as simple as a topper and not the actual cake design if you’d rather keep it simple even! I can’t do something like these pictures above for my wedding this January, but I can hint them for my birthday. 😉

I hope you enjoyed this style of post! Do you know of anyone who’d had a Harry Potter themed wedding? Are you planning on incorporating anything into your own wedding in the future or have you in the past? Let me know! I’d love to hear them!

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